Is Herpes Curable?

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You’re probably here because you want to find out if your herpes cure curable or not… GOOD NEWS.. The short answer Is herpes curableto this question is YES. So. is herpes curable, if so how?

Herpes is NOT curable the way you would expect it to be cured.. however, the truth will pleasantly surprise you.

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Herpes has been in existence for quite a long time. However, it was not until the 60s that this ailment got to the epidemic stage.

Recent medical studies state that about 20% of Americans who are aged 12 and below have been diagnosed with herpes. This means that there are 45 million people currently living with this disease in America. This in turn proves that there is no successful management for this ailment. As such, the natural cure is the only proven successful way to control and prevent herpes.

So has anybody ever cured their Herpes?

Of course. There are success stories of thousands of people pouring into the internet letting other people they are now herpes free. I want you to check out Davids video by clicking here and read and watch his story!


Types of Herpes Simplex Virus

Notably, there are two forms of the Herpes Simplex Virus, which are the type 1 and the type 2 The type 1 occurs right above the waistline and it is characterized by cold sores or fever blisters On the other hand, type 2 affects the parts of the body that are right below the waistline Take note that the worst form of herpes is genital herpes

Unfortunately, once a person contracts this virus, it will never leave the body. Yes, the virus will remain dormant in the brain base and the spinal code. When active the symptoms include stinging and itching.

It is worth mentioning that the medical field has not been able to completely decipher the disease process, which makes this ailment unpredictable. Also note that there are some catalysts that can make you catch herpes like arginine that is found in the food preservatives.

The best approach of preventing the spread of herpes is to totally abstain from sexual activities. Unfortunately, this approach is not acceptable amongst most people. So, the natural process of herpes prevention focuses on three major areas:

1 Strengthening the body’s immunity

2 Managing stress levels

3 Getting some relief from the clinical symptoms

It is imperative for those diagnosed with having the herpes virus to be knowledgeable on how to cure the condition Such information is also relevant for those who are not suffering from herpes

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Some frequently asked questions:

What is Herpes?

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. The Herpes Simplex virus causes this condition and it resides inside the ganglia nerve after the initial exposure. This condition is mild and contagious and it affects men and women alike. This disease generally affects the mouth of the virus herpes Simplex type one causing cold sores on the face, lips and genital areas. The type two herpes simplex virus causes the genital herpes lesions.

What are the Symptoms?

herpes symptoms

The main symptoms of herpes include small, painful blisters as well as sores on the genitals of lips. Living with this disease is often complicated by fatigue, stress, carelessness and anxiety.

What is the Way Forward?

In an attempt to cure herpes, several approaches have been used such as topical and oral anti-viral creams, oxygen therapy, essential oils as well as medicinal herbs. Usually, the treatments of this condition will vary depending on the specific site of infection. The medical expert has several issues that he or she must consider in a bid to provide the best treatments. However, it is worth noting that the modern forms of treatment may stop the virus, but they do not prevent recurrence. So, what is the best form of treatment? Well, natural herpes remedies are indeed effective in stopping and preventing outbreaks.

Is there a natural Herpes Cure?

Those who suffer from herpes often wonder if there is a natural way in which they can permanently get rid of the condition. This is because most people are not comfortable taking suppression antiviral medications. Also note that natural treatments are safer and less costly as compared to modern forms of medicine. The good news is that there are some few natural methods that can be used to treat herpes. Take note that to date there is no actual cure for herpes, but natural treatments shorten and prevent outbreaks among many patients. Mentioned below are some of the effective natural herpes treatments that you can try out.


Dealing With The Outbreaks

To start with, you should know how to naturally deal with herpes outbreaks. There are a few natural medications that you can purchase over the counter, which can help you with this. Note that these medications are made using natural ingredients hence they are safe to use. You simply need to apply them when you sense any tingling of an outbreak, and they will help in shortening and preventing the outbreak. Ensure that you avoid touching the affected area and always wash your hands thoroughly after you have treated the area. These steps can assist you to prevent the spreading of sores and a bigger outbreak.

Things to Avoid

There are a few things that you should avoid so as to prevent herpes outbreaks Firstly, avoid artificial sweeteners aspartame, which causes an increase in herpes outbreaks You should also prevent frequent outbreaks by lowering your stress levels since high and constant stress is linked to an increase in the outbreaks Try out yoga and meditation to lower the stress levels

Your Diet

Another alternative is to add natural ingredients in your diet that help in the prevention of herpes. For instance, lysine is found in many foods and it is proved to help reduce the number as well as severity of the herpes outbreak. There has been a lot of ongoing research about this natural ingredient and it is hoped that it may one day become a full natural herpes cure. Some of the foods that contain lysine include soybeans, beef, yeast, chicken, whole grains and brewer’s yeast. As you work high lysine foods on a regular basis in your diet, you will stay away from herpes breakouts for a long time.

Other natural ingredients that are effective in treating herpes include olive leaf extract, myrrh, red marine algae and sage. These ingredients assist in preventing recurrence of herpes. Take note that the home treatment for this condition mainly focuses on relieving symptoms, decreasing the risks of recurrent outbreaks and assisting you to cope with lifelong conditions.

Fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, apples and onions contain bioflavenoids. This ingredient assists in reducing the degree of the herpes activities.

Thyme is among the most popular natural ingredient for herpes simplex. It is found in tea and it applied directly on blisters. Using theme frequently can greatly decrease the frequency of herpes outbreaks.

Camellia Sinensis is yet another effective natural ingredient. It is an effective immune booster, which is the body’s defense mechanism against herpes simplex. It is worth noting that this natural ingredient is effective in battling herpes simplex type 1 and not the type 2 herpes simplex virus.

Omega 3 fatty acids strengthen the walls of the cells This in turn prevents the herpes virus from penetrating into the cell walls with the aim of reaching the nucleus As such, the chance of getting herpes is greatly reduced since the virus is not able to penetrate the walls of the cells

In addition to this, Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C can strengthen the immune system. Natural herpes remedies such as zinc can increase the amount of lymphocytes in the body, which is a major barrier against any viral infection.

In addition to this, you can also use herbal solutions. True most of the natural products may sound alien, but you can be guaranteed of their affordability and effectiveness.


1 Andrographis Paniculata

Once it is used along with Echninacea, it assists in controlling the spreading of herpes infection. Keep in mind that Andrographis Paniculata should not be utilized by pregnant and lactating mothers.

2 Echinacea Purpurea

This is a potent kind of natural anti-viral agent that is combined with Andrographis. It can be used to restore and repair the infected cells. Also it reduces the inflammation that is caused by herpes.

3 Olea Europea

This is most effective when it is utilized as an antiviral agent. It works well since its aggressive efforts are focused directly on the virus. This natural solution assists in viral shedding and it controls virus multiplication.

4 Hypencum Perforatum

This natural solution is effective in controlling herpes infection. One vital thing that you should note is that you must consult with your physician before you use this herb.

5 Melissa Officinalis

This herb contains curative properties because of polyphenols, which promotes the treatments of the active herpes virus infection

Usually, the natural cures have no side effects, but it is still advisable to consult with your health care provider about the use of natural medications


The Importance of a Strong and Effective Immune System

The natural remedies handle herpes in three ways Using a combination of fast and easy at home therapies, relaxation methods and herbal preparations Note that the natural treatments for herpes are highly recommended as compared to the high-risk prescriptions as well as over the counter medications The natural forms of treatment build a stronger immune system that aids in fighting the virus

Having an effective functioning immune system is vital in dealing with herpes infection. For this reason, the pure natural herpes remedies involve the use of antiviral herbal remedies as curative and preventive measures for the virus bacterial infections.

Echinacea is a natural herb that strengthens the immune system. Echinacea supplements can be utilized in green tea so as to enhance the natural antiviral mechanisms of the body. Pau d’ arco is yet another natural herb that produces potent preventive tea. Also using healthy supplements that comprise of licorice, burdock root as well as other tasty root herbs will give you delicious and healthy choices for battering herpes symptoms.

Aloe vera, lemon balm, tea tree oil and eucalyptus are known to form good external therapies for the condition. The practicality, simplicity and convenience of this natural herpes treatments are vital for supplying proteins, amino acids, enzymes and antibodies that can deal with the infections. The preparations that use these natural herbs for herpes often utilize aloe vera, allantoin as well as sweet almond oil as the soothing foundation.

It is vital to point out that the herpes sores should not be kept wet since this hinders the healing process. In light of this, you can use drying natural herpes treatments like lemon cream tinctures on the open sores. Extreme care should be observed when handling these kinds of solutions. Ensure that you dilute them properly in water so as to remain clear of painful skin sensations.

Further to cleaning the infected blisters, the herbal baths are also known to deliver therapeutic as well as soothing results. This is quite useful when handling genital herpes.

Since the herpes virus resides at the nerve endings or as the spinal column base, this will clarify why anxiety situations and nerve conditions cause herpes infection. So, one of the methods of reducing the symptoms is relaxing this specific area. Note that the adaptogenic effect caused by several foodstuffs and herbs will assist the body to handle high stress conditions. Foods and herbs like chamimille, St John’s Wort, Passionflower and Skullcap deliver some potent nervine adaptogemns that can assist in sustaining the homeostatic central nervous system mechanism. This will in turn assist the body to cope with anxiety and stress more efficiently.

In addition to this, getting sufficient rest and exercising regularly is helpful in taking care of tension. Doing relaxation and mediation routines assist in reducing anxiety and it results in an feeling of tranquility.

A diet that comprises of whole grains, nutritional yeast and sea woods can greatly assist antiviral activity as well as delivering nourishing health benefits. You should restrict your consumption of highly acidic foodstuffs such as peanuts, carbonated drinks, chocolate, refined foods and coffee in order to control the PH balance in the body. Another alternative is to eat lots of yellow and green vegetables, whole grains, legumes and high quality proteins like fish and chicken so as to enhance the alkaline state of the body, which in turn will discourage the development of the herpes virus.

The natural treatments for herpes mentioned above will assist you to discover an approach that you can use to soothe the painful symptoms as well as manage the spread of the infection In addition, they provide effective solutions on the best approach of managing recurring herpes So, is herpes curable? Well, natural remedies offer various degrees of precaution that can reduce the severity of herpes infection and also prevent the spreading of the infection to other people

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